PDW Founder Launches New Label with Rustproof Knives

Prometheus Design Werx Founder Patrick Ma and knife maker Michael Vagnino are working to launch a new label, Terrain 365. The initial Terrain 365 product line consists of knives made from a proprietary, rustproof dendritic cobalt alloy called Terravantium.

According to Ma, the primary advantage to Terravantium is that it is absolutely rust-immune. “This is a 100% non-ferrous alloy comprised of industrial investment-cast cobalt and carbide which is formed and annealed into blade or bar stock,” he explains. Terravantium isn’t the only dendritic cobalt alloy in the world – nor the only one being used for knifemaking – but Ma tells us Terrain 365’s particular formulation has an edge over the competition. “Unlike other dendritic cobalts which have made it to market under different trade names for bladeware, our blades and bar stock are not rolled.” This means Terravantium’s natural crystalline carbide structure is preserved. “The carbide structure, which behaves like microscopic saw teeth, is very hard, harder than any blade steel,” Ma continues. “That creates its long lasting edge holding properties.”

A pair of fixed blades leads the charge for Terrain 365. The Element Bravo-HD opts for portability, measuring a mere 6 inches overall and packing in a 3-inch blade. Its bigger companion piece is the Element Alpha-HD, which ups the blade length to 4 inches alongside a longer handle. Both knives sport the same broad, snub-nosed drop point blade shape and come with Kydex sheaths and paracord-wrapped handles.

The Nautilus, a larger fixed blade with a skeletonized epoxy handle and harpoon-style blade, is in development, alongside the first Terrain 365 folder. That folder’s design will be familiar to fans of PDW. “The first folder will be a collab with Prometheus Design Werx where we will be using their Invictus folder design and making it a 100% rustproof folder.” Ma tells us that means no ferrous parts whatsoever, down to the hardware and pivot bearings.

Terravantium may be the star of the show right now, but Ma and Vagnino hope to expand its repertoire beyond the dendritic cobalt alloy. “We are working with other alloys too. Each is undergoing testing and usability for blades.”

Knife featured in image: From top to bottom: Terrain 365 Element Alpha-HD and Element Bravo-HD