PDW Renovates Handle on the Invictus, Adds MagnaCut Blade

There’s a new knife releasing today from Prometheus Design Werx’s Special Projects Division. It’s a refined version of their Invictus folder called the Invictus SP, sporting slimmed down profile and a new to PDW steel for the blade.

Patrick Ma, PDW’s founder, debuted the Invictus in 2016. It was an evolution of his Dauntless knife, which he released with Triple Aught Design as a concept knife, a sort of aesthetic framework that different makers put their spin on over the years. Like the Dauntless, the Invictus has been the subject of many collaborative versions over the years, with big names like Allen Elishewitz and Gareth Bull turning out iterations on the mid-sized user’s core characteristics. Too, the Invictus enjoys a second career as the premier production knife in the PDW lineup, their flagship folder, appearing in several in-house variations over the years, the latest of which is the Invictus-SP.

The SP’s scales are thinner than those on the standard Invictus

We’re not sure if the “SP” in “Invictus-SP” stands for “Special Project” or “Slimmer Profile,” but the latter is a feature of this variation. Prior Invictus releases came with rounded, contoured scales; the SP, meanwhile, opts for flat slab-style scales (albeit with a circumferential chamfer). The idea is not to reduce weight, which is the same as prior models at about 3.4 oz., but to make the SP a lower profile carry. As the team says in their official press release, “Originally designed to address IWB carry with board shorts, these are well suited for anyone who is looking for a full-sized, technical folder in a slimmer profile. And of course, we’re stoked about our first knife offering in the CPM MagnaCut alloy.”

That’s right, Larrin Thomas’s miraculous metal arrives in the PDW lineup for the first time. Prior Invictii have been made from stuff like M390 or Terravantium, the rustproof cobalt alloy from Terrain 365, another Patrick Ma joint. You should know the MagnaCut story by now: designed explicitly for use in knives, it excels as a general user with very high edge retention paired with good stain resistance. MagnaCut is without a doubt the biggest name in the current generation of super steels.

The Invictus-SP will be available later today, Wednesday October 4th. PDW says it will drop on their website at noon Pacific/3pm EST.

Knife in Featured Image: Prometheus Design Werx Invictus-SP

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