PSA: Last Day to Donate to Knife Rights’ 2022 Ultimate Steel Fundraiser

Today is your last chance to get in on the Knife Rights 2022 Ultimate Steel fundraiser, an annual extravaganza that helps Knife Rights’ ongoing efforts at knife reform while giving you a chance to win something from over $115,000 worth of prizes.

If you’ve spent any time in the knife community, you probably know the name Knife Rights. It was founded by Doug Ritter in 2006; Ritter was incensed by an anti-knife article in the Wall Street Journal – an article which, funnily enough, chose the dinky Buck Metro as its image for dangerous folding knives. Knife Rights officially formed in December of that year, and has since gone on to rack up an impressive knife legislation track record, shepherding many key bills into law across the United States.

A map showing 12 years’ worth of Knife Rights work

The Ultimate Steel fundraiser helps Knife Rights maintain and expand its knife law projects, and it helps those who donate get a chance to win really cool knives. Knife Rights always pulls out all the stops when it comes to the prizes at Ultimate Steel, and on the docket this year, among many many others, are a custom Bob Terzuola liner lock, a David Longworth custom folder, a big Damascus-clad chopper from Jason Knight, and much, much more.

Here’s how it works. Donations you make get you entries into the lotteries – how many depends on the size of your donation, with a single entry and larger amounts getting you more at a bulk rate. If you donate $500 or more, on top of your many lottery entries you are also guaranteed to receive a limited edition Cold Steel Silver Eye Elite, with the Knife Rights logo lasered onto the blade (while supplies last).

If all this sounds good, do act fast; today is the last day Knife Rights will be accepting donations, and they are, at the time of writing, still short of their projected goals.

Knife in Featured Image: Bob Terzuola Single Issue Liner Lock Folder

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