QTRMSTR Introduces Its Smallest Folder Ever and Spinal Tap Clip Karambit

QTRMSTR Knives has introduced two new models that are unlike anything else in their lineup. The Yoda is the smallest folder QTRMSTR has ever produced, and the Murtaugh karambit incorporates a spine-riding clip and out-of-pocket deployment.

With a 2.5-inch S35VN blade and a weight of 3 oz., the Yoda is the smallest and lightest folder in the QTRMSTR lineup. “It’s a light duty knife, intended for small cutting tasks,” explains QTRMSTR’s Jared West. It is what West calls a “naked” knife, with just a single titanium scale. To keep the frame lock knife as thin and flat as possible, QTRMSTR also chose to forgo thumb studs. Users flick out the Yoda’s wharncliffe blade with a ridge cut into its side.

QTRMSTR originally intended the naked knife to be a one-and-done proposition, but the early response has encouraged them to develop the model further. Future variations with different blade shapes have been confirmed, with development beginning later this year. “There’s potential for a lot of different styles.”


The star of the Murtaugh karambit is the Spinal Tap clip, a spine-riding clip integral to the backspacer. “It changes the entire appearance of the knife, and it also makes it fit even better into the pocket,” West says. In addition to being naturally ambidextrous, the Spinal Tap clip facilitates Wave-like automatic deployment. By hooking their finger in the ring and drawing the knife forward, users bring the Murtaugh’s thumb ramp across the pocket so it can catch on the seam, deploying the needle-like 2.3-inch S35VN hawkbill blade.


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West says that for the Murtaugh karambit they chose to move away from the robotic, angular styling they are known for. In a sharp contrast from the hard lines of their previous karambits, the Murtaugh features curved lines, with all external surfaces chamfered and rounded over. Internal and external milling keep the weight at 4.6 oz. He says the change was inspired partly by customer feedback. “Like anyone else, we’re capable of evolution.” Speaking of evolution West tells us QTRMSTR will continue to develop the Spinal Tap clip concept on future models. “We really like the idea. Customers will enjoy it as it becomes more commonplace and they see the usefulness of it.”

Both the Yoda and the Murtaugh are available now. The Yoda stickers for $159.99, while the Murtaugh will set you back $268.

Knife featured in image: QTRMSTR Yoda

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