Real Steel Adds New Premium Folders

Real Steel Knives is launching two new premium folders, the Relict and Havran. The pair of premium offerings, both designed by Ivan Braginets, targets the outdoor and the tactical use categories.

“The Relict is an auxiliary hunter’s knife, the whole philosophy of this knife is built around this functionality,” says RSK’s Jamie McKenna. Designer Braginets drew up a folder reminiscent of the G3 Puukko in some ways, but in the realm of details and materials, the Relict is a different beast. Its 3.2-inch blade is made from S35VN and deploys via thumb stud. “The shape of the blade has a pronounced geometry, being skinnier in the front and brandishing a very thin cutting edge,” McKenna explains.

Real Steel Relict

RSK outfitted the 3.8 oz. Relict with a premium titanium handle and marble carbon fiber onlays. Braginets also drew up an interesting lanyard attachment method for the Relict. “Instead of the traditional hidden hole, this almost hook-like structure is reminiscent of a paracord lock,” McKenna says. The Relict is devoid of any secondary locking mechanisms and has a tip down-only deep carry clip.

On the other end of the use spectrum lies the Havran. “This is a classic tactical EDC flipper,” McKenna tells us. “When [it] was in the design phase it was entitled ‘a knife of the simplest geometry’.” The Havran’s 3.6-inch blade is also made from S35VN, but is a more streamlined, aggressive shape. Braginets complimented the blade with a titanium and carbon fiber handle composed of clean lines and angles. The result is a modern, technical looking knife, but the lines aren’t just for show. “Everything falls into place only when you take the knife in your hand…with a very predatory blade and a handle comfortable under all tactical grips,” McKenna notes.

HavranIn keeping with the premium direction of this S Series offering, RSK outfitted the Havran with a double row of ceramic ball bearings around the pivot. This enables a silky smooth, lightning fast opening using either the thumb hole or the flipper tab. Projected to accommodate hard use, the Havran’s framelock carries both a steel lockbar insert and a secondary sliding lock. Secondary locks may not be to everybody’s taste but McKenna notes its effectiveness in this design. “Locking the lock makes the knife extremely reliable.”

The Relict and Havran are scheduled to debut later this month. The Havran will retail for $285, and the Relict will fetch $299.

Knife featured in image: Real Steel Relict