Real Steel Grows the Luna Line Once Again

The Real Steel Luna receives another significant variant this year in the form of a locking, budget driven model. This as-yet-unnamed Budget Luna brings Jakub Wieczorkiewicz’s popular design into its most accessible form yet.

The original Luna released in 2019, dressed in titanium scales with a non-locking N690Co blade. As the first modern slipjoint from RSK and Wieczorkiewicz, it proved to be an enduring model, and RSK expanded on the line in 2020 with the Luna Lite and the liner lock Luna – not to mention many one-offs and other limited runs through their custom shop.

This incoming Budget Luna changes things up in multiple ways. First of all, it is a locking knife, but instead of a liner lock it comes equipped with a stout frame lock mechanism. Given the intended price bracket here, it’s not surprising that this is a stainless steel, not a titanium, frame lock; however, even with this heavier material, RSK kept the the weight down to a very reasonable 3.03 oz. The steel scales will come in various anodizations, including copper and bronze shades.

Blade steel is also altered compared to the Budget Luna’s varied predecessors. It has been switched to K110, a D2-equivalent recipe from Bohler-Uddeholm. In terms of opening method, users can get the Budget Luna configured for two hand-only deployment via the long fuller, or with a thumb stud for a little extra.

All of these changes don’t alter the fundamental character of the Luna. With a 2.76-inch drop point blade, it fits best into a people-friendly EDC role. But it can be argued that these changes not only make the Luna more affordable, but more useful as well, able to hold up under cutting chores that might not be safe with a non-locking blade.

It’s worth noting that the budget Luna isn’t quite as low-priced as the limited edition Luna Lite. But given that that limited run model is long gone, the Budget Luna’s MSRP of 58.50 (or 68.50 for the thumb stud variant) make it the most affordable way to get your hands on the knife going forward.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Budget Luna