Real Steel Shows Off New for 2019 Releases

Real Steel Knives has unveiled its first new for 2019 products, the Doppler fixed blade and the Metamorph Mk. II, a refined version of one of its best-selling models to date. The two new blades should feed RSK’s drive to grow and develop in the new year.

The Doppler comes from the mind of Maciek Torbe, owner of the Polish outfit Torbe Custom Knives. Torbe has been producing highly technical custom pieces for a while, but until now has not had a major production knife presence. “We are constantly searching for new designers who can offer that something extra that isn’t on the market,” explains RSK’s Jamie McKenna. “Long gone are the days of simplistic run of the mill designs.”

Torbe designed a hard user with a 4.43-inch semi-tanto blade, fashioned with the increasingly-present D2 tool steel. Its handle alternates between cuts and curves, with an overall tapering from tip to tail. McKenna says the unusual handle works in concert with the thick, powerful blade for heavy duty performance. “Ergonomics from the outset seem very strange, but when you get this knife in the hand you can feel the top heavy blade is supported strongly by a 5” thick tang,” he says. The Doppler weighs 10 oz., making it among the heaviest blades RSK has ever produced. “I like to class this knife more as a hatchet,” McKenna notes.

Work Sharp

Metamorph Mk. II
The definitive 2017 release for RSK was the Metamorph, a slim, streamlined front flipper from designer Ostap Hel. “We were proud of it and it was a new direction in terms of structure and design,” McKenna explains. Two years later, RSK is returning to the design to give it a series of refinements. New machining on the handle gives it added texture and visual depth, the backspacer has been brought in line with the handle scales to increase ergonomic comfort, and the clip has been totally redesigned. “It has been gifted with a new deep carry pocket clip that gives a greater gentleman and EDC feel to the Metamorph,” McKenna says.

Metamorph Mk. II

Metamorph Mk. II

What else can we expect from RSK in 2019? McKenna says these two reveals are just the beginning. “We are literally bouncing into 2019 with confidence in the new knives we have coming.” RSK plans to create more variations and refinements on existing knives as they did with the Metamorph, and play with exclusives and other special runs. He also confirmed that two more designs from Poltergeist Works are in the, well, works. “Jakub [Wieczorkiewicz, Founder of Poltergeist] has been an inspiring force on our design table, giving new life to pretty much all of our knife series.”

Knife in Featured image: Real Steel Knives Doppler