Reate Knives Takes on Todd Begg’s Next Steelcraft Challenge

Todd Begg might just be the highest-profile custom knifemaker working today.  His knives are beloved by collectors within the knife community, especially his ‘Bodega’ model, a flipper with Begg’s signature combination of organic form, intricate mechanical details, and a perfectionist’s attention to fit and finish.

Outside the insular world of knife collectors, Begg is known for starring in the television show ‘Blade Brothers,’ which ran briefly on the Discovery Channel in 2013. The show chronicled Begg enlisting the help of his two older brothers to help him meet the demand for his knives. With a six year waiting list for a full custom Begg knife and producing the more accessible production Bodegas coming out of the same small Petaluma, California shop, he needed all the help he could get.

But recently, Begg found a new partner to help him satisfy demand for his designs: David Deng of Reate Knives, who is manufacturing Begg’s new production knife brand, ‘Steelcraft’ Knives. The knives are made in Reate’s Chinese facility.  This makes it possible for Begg to offer Steelcraft Knives at a much more affordable price point than the knives that come out of his own shop. According to Jim Skelton, Begg searched the world for manufacturers who could deliver his intricately detailed designs at a quality and price competitive with other high-end production knives. Deng and Reate Knives were up to the challenge.

The first knife in the Steelcraft series, the Sun Tzu Kwaiken, is based on Begg’s custom model and is available at authorized dealers.  But the upcoming Steelcraft Mini Bodega, which was rumored to be coming and recently announced, already has knife people saving their money. The Bodega is something of a modern marvel – a tactical flipper with equal parts bling and everyday functionality.  The Steelcraft Mini Bodega keeps what made the Bodega such a popular design and makes it easier to carry and easier to afford.

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