The New Kizer Gemini Flipper set to become an instant classic.

“With knives like the new Gemini, Kizer is changing the way people have to look at Chinese made knives,” says Jeff Woods who leads the purchasing for knife wholesaler Blue Ridge Knives and is one of the first people in North America to handle the ground breaking Gemini.

Kizer’s Gemini Flipper Has the Potential to Become a True Classic

Like the original 1955 Porsche Spyder, the aesthetics of the new Kizer Gemini are distinctive, but in a simple and beautiful way. It’s the kind of timeless design that has a nearly universal appeal and the potential to become a true classic.

The knife features a 3-1/8″ stonewashed S35VN full-flat ground drop point blade, smooth all-titanium bead blasted frame, a ceramic ball-bearing pivot, and stunning blue anodized hardware.  It’s an up-scale package at a mid-market price that keeps pace with the rising expectations of knife buyers everywhere.

Gemini Flipper Early Reviews

With an initial production limited to only 200 knives, few have ever held the Gemini.  “The fit and finish is outstanding,” Woods, an expert at evaluating and buying knives for thousands of brick and mortar and internet retailers worldwide told us.  “The action is quick and smooth.  It’s a beautiful knife – the blue accents really stand out.  I am really impressed with it.”

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Kizer Knives: The Past and New Direction

For Kizer, the Gemini is a departure from their recent past in more ways than one.  The knife is one of the first Kizer’s to actually have a name.  Prior to 2015, all Kizer knives could be identified only by a 6 or 7 digit model number, making a knife more difficult to think about, remember, and discuss. 

Until now, Kizer’s line-up of blades could be divided into two categories. First, there were certain Kizer knives that appeared to mirror Zero Tolerance’s American inspired design queues.

More often, Kizer offered unmatched textured titanium handles, milled to evoke a distinctively Asian look. Though eye catching, the designs were polarizing and the market for these knives was limited because they appealed to variety seekers or collectors with very specific tastes. For most knife people with a thirst for framelock flippers, Kizer’s moves have been interesting to watch, but a brand you were more likely to keep an eye on from the sidelines than add to your collection.

2015 also marks the first year that Kizer has collaborated with well known designers – the Gemini is based on American knife maker Ray Laconico’s Jasmine Flipper. The company also started to follow other framelock makers by introducing a steel insert to catch the frame and extend the life of the lock.

Kizer’s Gemini may be just what the company needed to begin making major inroads into the US framelock flipper market.

When Can You Buy a Kizer Gemini?

According to Woods, if you want one now they may be very difficult to find:  “We purchased half of the first Gemini production run and once they are gone your next chance to buy one will be early 2016.”  If you want to ring in the new year with one of these blades in your pocket – pre-ordering may be your best bet.

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