RoseCraft Joka Sports Slick Blade in Slender Package

It’s time to officially declare RoseCraft Blades a prolific company. Throughout 2023, fresh designs have been coming from the company’s close-knit band of designers at a steady clip – and here’s the latest, the Joka, a slick flipper from company founder Andy Armstrong.

By the way, “Joka” is not pronounced how you would guess. It’s actually the Swahili word for serpent or dragon, pronounced “Yo-Kuh.” And there’s something undeniably serpentine about this one, especially the elongated, super-slim clip point blade. With a 3.6-inch cutting edge, the Joka will slide right into the mid-size, all-purpose folder role: easy to pocket thanks to that slimness, but big enough to tackle a respectably diverse gamut of cutting tasks.

The faux bolster is cut at a diagonal angle

The blade steel is, once again, AR-RPM9, the new budget-conscious powder metallurgy steel from Artisan Cutlery, who appears to be an OEM partner for RoseCraft’s knives. As a fully stainless steel with the refined grain structure imparted by powder metallurgy, it’s a great choice for an affordable everyday carry knife. Naturally, a blade as slender as the Joka’s doesn’t really have room for multiple opening methods – or, if it has the room, doesn’t want to clutter up its profile with extra doodads. So Armstrong made the Joka a flipper only, with that blade rolling smoothly out on ceramic ball bearings.

The rectangular, almost kwaiken-esque handle can, once again, be best described with the S word: slim. The scales are made from split G-10, with a 2/3rds scale in black below and a faux bolster above, the latter of which comes in three colors: grey, green, or red. That red/black combo, by the way, is RoseCraft’s signature color scheme, available in one way or another on most of their knives. The Joka comes with a liner lock, reversible pocket clip, and a suitably low, but still sturdy, weight of 3.3 oz.

The Joka is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Joka

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