RoseCraft Slates Slipjoint Sextet for Spring

RoseCraft blades has six new traditional knife models slated to drop over the next few months in a staggered spring release. Different handle shapes and experimentation with blade shapes define this second batch of RoseCraft slippies.

Ocoee River Kayak

Several knives in this lineup break from traditional knife norms, perhaps none more so than the Ocoee River Kayak. Its blade shape is a 2.3-inch reverse tanto, dropped down a bit from the center line of the handle. The handle itself a modified canoe profile, with a swell in the center that makes it look like another type of boat, but the name is escaping us right now…

Beaver Creek Barlow

It’s fair to say that not traditional knife pattern is more popular than the Barlow right now; so many traditional fans will be happy to see RoseCraft taking a crack at the format this year. The Beaver Creek has the essential elongated barlow bolster, here stamped with an “RC” monogram, and smooth brown bone covers beneath that. Its blade is a 2.9-inch wharncliffe.

French Broad Jack

Speaking of wharncliffes, that’s also what’s on tap for the French Broad Jack. It’s a narrower wharnie width-wise than the Beaver Creek, and its handle is a sinuous dog leg profile.

Loosahatchie Jack

The Loosahatchie Jack is styled like a Boy’s Knife, which is to say it has a Barlow-like handle shape, but its missing the extra large bolster. Like the Zambezi discussed below, it is opened with a long pull instead of a crescent nail mark.


The Zambezi is another unique one, with a 2.35-inch drop point blade crafted with a massive forward choil. It’s an unconventional look for a traditional, but should deliver lots of added control for fine or delicate cutting jobs. The Zambezi is the other long pull opener.

Riverbend Skinner

This is actually the second version of the Riverbend Skinner. It carries the same sinous, snaking profile as the original model, but with a larger blade, scaled up to 3.4 inches compared to 2.9 on the first Riverbend. it also has a black bone handle instead of a white one.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Blades Zambezi

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