Ruike Reveals Spring 2018 Folding Knives

Ruike, the knife brand owned by Fenix Flashlights, just revealed three new folding knives it says will be released over the next two months. The new models will include a hard-use folder, a modern-style two-handed opening knife, and a long and slender EDC blade. Ruike doesn’t adhere to an annual announcement schedule and tells us to expect even more products later this year.

Ruike P852B
Past Ruike releases emphasized slim proportions, but the new 852 takes the brand in the opposite direction. It comes bearing a 3.5-inch 14C28N blade with a pronounced recurve. “The recurve another edge curvature that extends the cutting edge and expands the blade belly, resulting in higher performance in cutting or slicing,” explains Ruike’s Jongly Huang. Given the relatively easy sharpenability of 14C28N, she foresees no issues with touching up the recurve with any rod-based sharpener.

The flipper liner lock 852 also benefits from the same secondary locking mechanism seen on Ruike’s 138 model. When the company showed us that knife last year, they were calling the mechanism (a spine-riding tab that slides underneath the blade for added rigidity) the “Safety Lock”. Since then, Ruike renamed it the “Thumb Up” device. Huang says it plays a key role in the overall design of the 852. “Knife performance should be improved by systemic optimization, so the Thumb Up safety lock is installed into P852B to strengthen its handle and locking mechanism.”


Ruike P848B 
The new products aren’t all bruisers, though. The 848 aims for a sleeker look, and is a two-handed opening knife despite its modern materials. Its 3.3-inch cutting edge will feature the standard Ruike 14C28N, but the steel liners will be given a blue coating for a splash of color for contrast against the otherwise monochrome product. Huang says that no plans are currently in the line for a thumb stud or flipper version of this knife, but they could materialize if enough users ask for it.


Ruike P865B
While not quite as compact as the 848, the wharncliffe-bladed 865B will sport a similarly angular and narrow chassis. Despite its 3.5-inch blade, it is the lightest of the new releases, weighing just 2.47 oz. “We consider performance and functionality above all for every knife and tool, which to a degree determines whether a knife or tool should be slender or ultra-compact or not,” Huang says.


Knife featured in image: Ruike Knives P865B