Russia Gets First Dibs on Zero Tolerance’s 0095

North Americans might be surprised to learn that ‘first dibs’ on Zero Tolerance’s latest USA-built limited edition knife, the ZT 0095, went to Russia.  Russia has incubated a great appreciation and a growing market for high-quality cutlery and Zero Tolerance has taken notice by providing buyers there with early access to the 0095.

The 0095 flipper is an in-house design and runs on ZT’s proprietary ‘KVT’ caged ball-bearing system.  This model is something of a departure from the other limited edition knives announced this year. Its simple titanium handle is thoughtfully designed and chamfered for good ergonomics, but appears under-dressed next to the elaborately inlaid and anodized handles of the upcoming RJ Martin collaboration – the 0606.

There is also a Russian-exclusive version of Belarusian knifemaker Dmitry Sinkevich’s 0452 collaboration with G-10 scales, a different pocket clip and pivot hardware, and machined titanium.  Sinkevich also designed the Kershaw Nura, the Zero Tolerance 0450, and the stunning 0454 – BLADE Show’s 2013 knife of the year.

The Zero Tolerance 0095 is already for sale in Russia and the company hasn’t disclosed a USA release date. But, like Sputnik in orbit the Russians got there first.

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