S45VN Ranger is the Last 2021 Buck of the Month

We know how fast these things sell out, so we’ll try and make this quick: the final 2021 Buck of the Month knife has been released. It’s a souped up 112 Ranger, packing a luxury look that doesn’t skip on the practical appeal.

You know all about the Ranger. You know all about it because it’s the little brother to what is arguably the most famous folding knife of the 20th century, the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. But here’s a quick recap, in case you’ve forgotten: the Ranger 112 takes the enduring 110 design and reduces the dimensions, resulting in something that’s a little easier to carry in indoor and other mundane settings. Lots of people EDC the original 110, but the 112 better fits the modern definition of the term. You’ve got a 3-inch blade, done up with the California clip style; an overall length of 7.25 inches (compare that to the 3.75-inch blade and 7.86-inch OAL of the original); and a no-fuss, ambidextrous back lock mechanism. The handle is unadorned and arched, accommodating just about any kind of grip you’d need to use with it.

But this is a Buck of the Month, which means that the materials, unique to this limited edition, are the star of the show. The December 2021 Ranger comes with S45VN steel. S45VN is a very young steel, the sequel to S35VN, and one of the first current-gen powder metallurgy steels to spread into the production knife world. Buck has used it before on the Onset, but this is the first time it’s been available on a Ranger. In place of the usual ebony wood, the scales on the BotM are made from Koa – a Hawaiian hardwood with a clear grain and lustrous, caramel hue. And this Ranger is put together in the manner of the Legacy Collection 110 – that is, with aluminum bolsters and a screw-together construction. Unlike that knife, however, this 112 doesn’t have a thumb stud, nor a clip; the 3.55 oz. BotM Ranger can be carried in its included leather sheath, or, given its smaller footprint, loose in the pocket.

If you follow these monthly limited releases from Buck, you know how it goes. They tend to sell out pretty quick – so quick, in fact, that most of the time when we sit down to write an article about them, they’re already. This one is still around, but probably not for long. The 112 Ranger is just 500 pieces and is available only from Buck direct.

Knife in Featured Image: December 2021 Buck of the Month Ranger