Sandrin Releases Super Premium Tungsten Carbide Monza Folder

Sandrin, the boutique knife company specializing in tungsten carbide folders, just released its latest model, the Monza. The Monza evolves the Sandrin concept by marrying their premium PTC blade alloy with high-end handle materials.

It’s an obvious truism that the blade is the main component of any knife, sure, but when it comes to Sandrin releases that truth is even more, uh, true. The Monza’s blade is the biggest yet we’ve seen on a Sandrin folder, measuring 3.38-inches long. Coupled with the intuitive drop point shape, this is a blade spec’d for a very wide range of light- to medium-duty cutting chores – and it will hold an edge for a very, very long time, thanks to the most famous element of any Sandrin knife: the Polyhedral Tungsten Carbide blade. This is a rust-proof, non-ferrous alloy that comes in at a Rockwell hardness of 71, well above pretty much any steel you’re likely to see on a production knife.

The zirconium handle model has black hardware to accentuate its darker hue

If you had any doubt that the Monza was designed from the ground up to be knife nerd catnip, check out the locking mechanism; it will gloriously dispel any linger reservations on that point. It’s the second knife from Sandrin equipped with the Recoil Lock, a production iteration of the PowerLock, a design by by none other than SNECX Tan. The Recoil Lock is a spine-riding, ambidextrous mechanism operated by pulling back on an exposed flange. It’s somewhat like the Demko Knives Shark Lock in that regard, although obviously different mechanically.

The PTC blade and Recoil Lock are housed in a spacious handle with a sizable guard and two shallow grooves to situate the fingers. You get your choice between two premium materials for the handle scales: either titanium, or for true high calorie luxury, full zirconium scales. The latter do add about an ounce of weight to the knife, bringing it up to 4.3 oz. compared to the titanum model’s 3.45 oz.

The Monza is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Sandrin Knives Monza