Sencut Sends Two New Knives out into the World

Knife company Sencut is readying back-to-back new releases, the Snap and the Episode. Both knives share a lot of visual similarities and fall into the mid-sized user category, but the devil is in the details, with design and material choices creating two very different-feeling knives.


The Snap’s design is as simple and immediate as its name. The blade is a 3.48-inch drop point whose uses would be familiar even to non-knife people. It’s spec’d for broad EDC needs, capable of both small day-to-day chores and those heavier duties that surprise us all from time to time.

Sencut made the Snap’s blade from 9Cr18MoV. This is a budget choice most often likened to 440B or 440C; at any rate, it won’t excel in any area other than corrosion resistance, but may compensate for this by being very easy to maintain. The Snap opens with a flipper, locks with a liner lock, and has a deep carry pocket clip. Its most distinguishing characteristic from a visual perspective is Sencut’s choice of scale material: cuibourtia wood, letterboxed by the steel liners underneath.


Compared to its simple, elegant stablemate, the Episode reads as a more rough and ready tool. Its blade is actually the same length (and made from the same steel), but instead of a drop point, Sencut gave this one a heavily-swedged trailing point blade. The tip is much more aggressive here, which means that the Episode could serve in a self-defense role if needed, but this is still primarily an EDC design. The Episode’s handle is also more elaborate than the one seen on the spartan Snap, has G-10 scales instead of wood ones. It has the same deep carry pocket clip as the Snap, but weighs a little bit more (3.8 oz. compared to 3.5).

Sencut debuted both of these knives back-to-back, and although the company hasn’t given a precise release window, they’ve said that the pair will be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Sencut Snap