Serge Knives Bringing out Back-to-Back Releases this Summer

Serge Panchenko is preparing back-to-back slipjoint releases for next month. Both the Slipjoint Cleaver and the Antic play into his strengths in small, artistic blades, while bringing new looks and features to the table.

Panchenko’s Antic comes outfitted with a slim and straight 2.5-inch wharncliffe blade and a tapering handle. While it would be impossible to categorize it as a fighting knife, Panchenko did envision the 2.1 oz. Antic as a more radical cousin to his popular Bean model. “[It] is very similar to the Bean in many ways, but an inch longer, slimmer, with more aggressive lines.”

The Antic opens via a flipper tab oriented on the top of the knife, and while non-locking, it is secured in the open position via a ball detent-style mechanism. This is a leaf spring with a ball bearing in it, and the bearing falls into a hole in the knife tang when it’s open (similar to the way a locking knife is kept closed). Panchenko says this mechanism synergizes with the unique slipjoints he makes. “The ball detent is a fine mechanism for small knives, especially flippers like the Bean and the new Antic.”

Slipjoint Cleaver (Middle) and Antic (Top and Bottom)

Slipjoint Cleaver
This offering combines two Panchenko elements, slipjoints and cleaver blades, for the first time. “I love cleaver blades and wanted to offer a slipjoint with this blade shape,” says Panchenko. The new model (see above image, center) joins offerings like the Bean, Orbit, EDC, and Roc in sporting this stylish blade shape. Panchenko opted to teach himself traditional back spring construction for the new slipjoint, given the wider blade and stouter build relative to his other designs. “Larger knives require a stronger method of holding the blade in the open position, therefore I decided to learn how a traditional slipjoint works.”

Panchenko labors over the look and feel of his knives as much as their performance, and is honest about the utility role of a cleaver on a knife this small. “Let’s face it, the cleaver blade shape is not the best option for EDC,” he says. “And yet, it has loads of personality, making it a popular choice for many (I hate boring knives).” That said the Cleaver’s 2.5-inch cutting edge will get plenty of work done, especially with its CPM-154 steel. The 2.2-oz. knife comes with a pocket clip and lanyard hole too.

It’s unusual to see two new knives come from Panchenko’s Sacramento, California workshop at the same time. But he tells us the blades mark the start of a busy back nine for 2018, including a possible production version of the Slipjoint Cleaver. “I think there will be a production version down the road,” he says, and promises other big news in the next 3-4 months. “I’m taking Serge Knives into a new direction this year.”

The Antic and Slipjoint Cleaver will be available in June.

Knife featured in image: Serge Knives Antic