A group shot of your New for 2017 Zero Tolerance line-up. Next stop? SOG!
New ZT 2017 lineup

From Dimitry Sinkovich, who recently picked up the Dealers’ Choice Award for Best New Manual Folder 2016 for the ZT 0456, comes the ZT 0460.

The new knife looks like a Persian version of the best selling ZT 0450CF. The new flipper features a trailing point blade and an arched handle to match. Zero Tolerance says to expect the ZT 0460 to ship sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

If you ever dreamed that the Les George custom Harpy would be offered in a production version, today is your day.  The ZT 0920 is a faithful rendition of the original, and ZT added some touches like intricate 3D milled texturing. They also went to the trouble of machining out the inside of the titanium handle to keep the knife under 5.5 oz.

Check out the full specs at our sponsor KnifeCenter.com and you can already pre-order one while you’re there. The ZT 0920 could start shipping as early as March.

If the ZT 0801TI looks familiar, it’s because it is a non-anodized version of the ZT 0801BRZ limited edition that came out (and quickly sold out) back in September. If you missed out on the BRZ you can pre-order the ZT 0801TI now at KnifeCenter.com.

Wow. SHOT Show is just getting started but it’s going to be tough to top the ZT 0850. Zero Tolerance put two of their ‘go-to’ designers, Dmitry Sinkevich and Todd Rexford, together and they came up with one spectacular knife.

It’s been a few years since ZT introduced a knife with a thumb stud deployment like the 0850. The 3.75-inch sheepsfoot blade is made of CPM-20CV super steel. The composite Blue Carbon Fiber and Titanium handle is one of the details that make the knife stand apart from anything else we’re likely to see at SHOT Show. Better get on the pre-order list to stand a chance of scoring one of the first 0850s to come out of Oregon.

Since Friday when KAI-USA announced that it was collaborating with GTC Knives on a new Gustavo T. Cecchini designed Zero Tolerance model in 2017, knife enthusiasts speculated whether that knife would feature GTC’s SLT flipper mechanism.

We can now tell you the new ZT 0055 is outfitted with SLT. Zero Tolerance compares the action to a 2-stage riffle trigger and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever used to open a knife before.

If you want to get in on the first batch, the knife is already available for pre-order at KnifeCenter.com.

Arrived at the Zero Tolerance and Kershaw booth and we’re in the process of taking close-up videos of what looks to be Zero Tolerance’s most exciting line-up ever!