The Uli Hennicke designed Spyderco Opus exceeded expectations with its elegant 3.75-inch blade and ergonomic pistol-grip handle. Spyderco says the Opus should start shipping out of Seki City by the spring.

Earlier in the day we shared a couple pics of the new Spyderco Caribbean Salt and the Mini-Vallotton. Time to find out what else Spyderco held back from the 2017 catalog and get our hands on some blades in the 2017 line-up. Stand by for some close-up videos.

Booth Shot

On our way to Spyderco!

The SOG Tac Ops II is a premium American made rendition of the SOG Tac. Like the Strat Ops it features black canvas Micarta scales, S35VN blade steel, and an automatic deployment. The Tac Ops offers a more definitive grip and a drop point blade.

The new made in the USA SOGs aren’t only made domestically, they come with huge material upgrades across the board. The Strat Ops is an upscale auto that features black canvas Micarta scales and a 3.5-inch S35VN blade.

The Banner, another USA made SOG, is an assisted opener with a lightweight aluminum frame that houses a recurved, Cerakoted 3.5-inch S35VN blade.

The first fixed blade we’ve encountered at SHOT is the SOG Pillar, one of four new made in the USA knives from SOG. Beautiful grind on this two-tone 5-inch, S35VN full-tang blade.