The SOG Sync I and II also re-imagine multitool design to maximize portability. You can fold them into a small rectangle that fit into an accompanying sheath. The unusual tools can be carried as a belt buckle, money clip, or clipped to a pocket.

Similar in size to the Q3, the SOG Baton Q4 adds a 1/4 inch hex driver, a set of 12 bits, and a carry case. To make room, it loses the awl, chisel, and jewelry driver found on the Q3. According to SOG, the first batch of Batons could hit dealer shelves as early as May.

The SOG Baton Q3 packs a lot of tool into a relatively small package. It’s only slightly taller than the Q1, but unfolds into a full-featured pliers-based multitool. Four drivers, a file, awl, chisel, can opener, soft wire cutter, and pliers complement the bottle opener and blade seen on the Q2. All of the SOG Baton Multitools are already available for pre-order at Last up is the Q4.

The SOG Baton Q2 houses a blade, flashlight and bottle opener/screwdriver. This one will be a winner with the Urban EDC crowd. Q3 Video on the way..

SOG rewrote the multitool rulebook when they came up with the Baton Series. Each Baton takes the form of a pen which make them easy to conceal tools and non-knife people friendly. While the SOG Baton Q1 does contain a pen it also features a bottle opener/screwdriver and snaps open to reveal a pair of scissors. No blade on this one but at least it’s TSA approved. Q2 Video is coming right up..

We’re at the SOG booth! Time to take some video of the revolutionary Baton multitools and new line of Made in the USA blades.


On our way to SOG and we get drawn in by another surprise. At the Pro-Tech booth is a family of automatic editions of the Strider PT that comes with a Pro-Tech designed deep carry clip not available on the manual.