Another HK transfer, the Benchmade Casbah is made for anyone looking for a hard use EDC. The automatic action is snappy, but doesn’t jump out of your hand. This well tuned knife is available in many configurations and you can pick up any one of them at

The Azeria is a carry over from the discontinued HK line that fits right into Benchmade’s Black Class. Compact, covert, and undeniably aggressive, the Azeria is a reliable backup blade that’s deserving of attention.

The Anthem, Benchmade’s first integral knife design, showcases the company’s new capabilities. Every line and angle is well-finished and even with a modified Axis Lock (to suit the single piece handle) the action is top-tier.

The Presidio is back and it’s bigger and badder than ever! They feel like you could probably back over these blades without incident. The action on the 570 could use some breaking in but the 5700 was fast, fluid, and addictive.

Automatic fans already know the legendary Infidel. The Special Edition 3300BK-1701 Infidel celebrates this classic knife’s tenth anniversary with a cool silver (to match the accompanying challenge coin) and black color scheme. Action is fast and snappy, and we would expect nothing less from one of the most sought-after production automatics. Be sure to get on the pre-order list to get one before they’re gone.

It might look a little like a Griptilian, but in hand the Freek feels like a different knife. Its rubberized handle is grippy without being uncomfortable, and the large thumb ramp provides good resistance when applying forward pressure. Despite its more affordable price tag, the Freek we handled had great fit and finish and a glass smooth action.

Just-in-time for our appointment at the Benchmade booth. The atmosphere is starting to pick-up. Close-up videos of Benchmade’s 2017 catalog are in the works.

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