The Kershaw Malt may not be as intricate as the new ZT0055, but it does deliver GTC styling at a much lower price point. The Malt features an angular blade and characterful blue accents. A built-in bottle opener never hurts, either.

Just 2.9” when closed, the little Hops packs in a lot of design elements GTC is known for. It also incorporates a bottle opener in its flipper tab, just like the larger Malt – the second new Gustavo Cecchini Kershaw design. The Malt video is coming right up.

The Kershaw Dividend takes the winning, utilitarian design of the Link, and shrinks it down – with impressive results. This American-made knife feels like it could be Kershaw’s next EDC staple. The new model is available in either FRN or aluminum.

We were taken by surprise to learn that Kershaw is introducing an Al Mar Collaboration Series this year. The AM-3, reminiscent of the Al Mar bird knives is our favorite of the four model series Kershaw brought to SHOT Show.

From a glance at their vast catalog, it’s clear that Kershaw is feeling the wharncliffs this year. The Vedder’s multilayered handle features a hammered iron look. You can tell that the in-house design team at Kershaw had some fun with this one.

Half way into a long walk to the Kershaw booth we took a quick survey of Leatherman‘s new products ahead of our Friday appointment and this intriguing little blade caught our eye: the new Leatherman Skeletool KBx. Keep it tuned to the feed for the close-up video on Friday.

*UPDATED: You may have spotted the security wiring attached the lanyard hole of the new tool. A reader emailed us and asked if people really pilfer products on display at a closed industry event? According to Leatherman, the answer is yes!

As we just saw, LionSteel went bigger with the Daghetta line, but is introducing a smaller version of the M7 fixed blade. The new model is called the T5, a 5” version of the popular predecessor. The single piece 3D machined Micarta scales and matching leather sheath make this nimble blade hard to resist.

The T5 is the last of the new LionSteels. Next stop? Kershaw!