If you live in the big city you might be looking for a more discreet EDC. The Steel Will Knives F11 delivers with its’ slender, neutral form. The F11 is also a light weight carry option and will be available in both a liner lock or even lighter linerless Ant-Lock.

We make the leap from FRN on the budget Cutjack to Carbon Fiber on the new Steel Will Knives F25 CF. Like much of the brand’s premium new for 2017 line-up, the knife features M390 steel and will be available in G-10 and in multiple color combinations.

If you’re looking for a mid-sized EDC that feels bigger than it really is, the F25 could be the knife for you. It features a capable 3.3 inch blade, a small form factor, and great ergonomics.

Another Steel Will Knives Cutjack. This budget version comes in FRN instead of G-10, D2 steel instead of M390 and uses a washer instead of a ball bearing pivot. But at about a quarter of the price its still a great value.

Will there be a budget Mini-Cutjack available in 2017? You bet!

The new Cutjack will also be available in a Mini version with a 3-inch blade and come in a variety of colors including coyote-tan.

The Large Cutjack in orange G-10 is the 3rd knife we’ve just seen to feature a 3.5 inch blade. Like the F12, the large Cutjack will be made in Maniago but has a more modern vibe than we’re used to seeing from Steel Will.

With M390 blade steel, ball-bearing pivot, and an MSRP under $200, this new flipper delivers a lot of knife on the dollar.

Another large new for 2017 folder to feature the new for 2017 lock is the Steel Will Knives F9. Steel Will tells us they have big plans for the linerless Ant-Lock including retrofitting all of their existing models with the new mechanism in 2018.

Here it is. Meet the new Steel Will Knives F12 sporting the patent pending linerless Ant-Lock mechanism. It’s diagonal trigger is intuitive to use. The action is as smooth as the AXIS Lock and it feels just as sturdy.

Holding this knife is a reminder of just how much stainless steel liners contribute to the weight of a knife. With a robust 3.5-inch blade the F12 still comes in just under 3 ounces!

The drop point blade is very similar to the beloved Gekko. But with its orange G-10 in place of Micarta it has a much more modern and less European character.