Slick New Flipper en Route from We Knife Co.

After a lengthy (for them) dry spell, We Knife Co. is sending a new model out into the world: the Smooth Sentinel. Set to arrive this week, the Smooth Sentinel is a slick flipper done up in high-performance materials.

The Smooth Sentinel illustrates perfectly just how far We’s design team has come since its early days. Their first releases were big and baroque, making a big impression at the cost of subtlety. The Smooth Sentinel, on the other hand, is smooth indeed, almost as if the team was inspired by some of the company’s slicker collaborations with makers like Justin Lundquist and Brad Zinker. The Smooth Sentinel’s blade is a 2.97-inch drop point, with a pristine full flat grind. It opens with a flipper only; there’s no thumb stud, no opening hole – and no blade markings of any kind. Under the hood we have We’s usual ceramic ball bearing pivot, and high performance CPM-20CV blade steel is on tap, hitting high numbers in all relevant EDC specs.

Calling the handle on the Smooth Sentinel a “pistol grip” is probably overstating it somewhat, but there is a hint of that style here, with a general front-to-back taper and downturned back end. Rigorous ergonomics aren’t a necessity for an EDC knife, but that little hook, and the guard formed by the flipper, keep your fingers where they need to be during cutting chores. We decided to forgo the sculpted pocket clip here, opting instead for a stamped, loop-over clip. It is made from titanium, however (along with all the other hardware), and it can be reversed to the show side for more convenient left-handed carry.

All four Smooth Sentinel models

The Smooth Sentinel is a titanium frame lock. Laid into the titanium frame are scales made from one of several different materials: jade G-10, green canvas Micarta, cuibourtia wood, or marble carbon fiber. The G-10 model is “heaviest,” with a weight of 2.21 oz.; the wood model is lightest at 2.06 oz.

October has been a quiet month for We Knife Co. The last brand new models from the company, the Crit and Relic, rolled out at the end of September. Between then and now, the only other major news from the company was when the Bob Terzuola-designed Tamashii winning big at Blade Show West.

The Smooth Sentinel will be available on November 4th.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Smooth Sentinel