Smith & Sons Spur Aims to be a Go-To Fixed Blade EDC

Sulphur, Louisiana-based Smith & Sons Knives’ newest fixed blade is the Spur, a small knife made specifically for EDC use. The company tells us this mid-year release will not be the last product from Smith & Sons this year, and it may presage the addition of more folding knives to their line.

The Spur’s narrow drop point blade measures 3.25 inches long, which is long enough to offer an area of straight edge, a belly, and an acute point. 1095 carbon steel provides an edge that will stand up to almost any cutting task without worry. A dark stonewash finish shores up 1095’s major weakness, corrosion resistance. “The blade edge is easily maintained in 1095 carbon steel,” the company’s Pamela Smith says, but she also says that Spurs with other steels could turn up in the roster. “We will likely do a couple of limited runs of the Spur in other steels later in 2018 to test the market.”

Ergonomics on the full-tang Spur are simple, and an extended finger guard prevents any slippage that the textured scales (available in synthetic and natural materials) are unable to prevent. The guard also clicks into the leather sheath, increasing retention and counteracting loosening over time. Users can configure the sheath horizontally or vertically to best orient the Spur to their carry needs, too.

Not everybody considers fixed blades viable options for EDC. In a world of deep carry pocket clips and sub-2 oz. folders, it can be hard to see the value in the practice at first. But according to Smith & Sons the advantages outweigh the adjustment period for folder fans. The Spur’s uncompromised ergonomics, size, and full-tang strength let it tackle chores that most folders are not ideal for. “It is perfectly suited for a broad range of cutting tasks,” explains Smith. “At home in the kitchen preparing dinner, in the yard cutting vines, or whittling feather sticks at camp.”

Fixed blades are the primary business of Smith & Sons, and seem likely to remain so. But fans want to see other genres from the company as well. “Yes, we are asked daily for folders, traditional and modern alike,” Smith tells us. Smith & Sons does offer three traditional folders: the Mudbug, produced by Great Eastern Cutlery, and two different trapper pattern slipjoints produced in-house. All three are only available in limited runs, but Smith confirms that other folding knives are on the way. “We are working on folder designs which we also hope to release in 2018.”

Knife featured in image: Smith & Sons Knives Spur

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