SOG Ventures into Phone Accessories with PopSockets Collab

SOG Knives unveiled an extremely unusual collaboration with PopSockets, makers of the ubiquitous phone accessory, the PopGrip. The new SOG PopGrip multitool combines the ergonomic doodad with an unobtrusive one piece multitool.

If you’ve never seen or used a PopSocket PopGrip, it’s a simple concept, although a little hard to describe. Basically it’s a telescoping disc that attaches to the back of your phone; when the disc is extended out, it creates a place for you to hook your fingers around, keeping your phone secure with just one hand. The PopGrip also functions as a kickstand if you want to watch something on your phone hands-free. When you’re not using the PopGrip, you just press it down, collapsing it against the back of your phone.

As the PopGrip grew in popularity, more colors and designs became available; and while we haven’t counted, we’re going to guess that the total model count somewhere in the millions at this point. That being said, the SOG PopGrip marks the first time PopSockets has partnered with a knife company.

In addition to the standard PopGrip functionalty, the SOG collaboration uses a magnetic slot on the disk to accommodate a one piece multitool. The tool has five different functions: two different hex drivers (1/4″ and 4mm), a slotted screwdriver, pry bar, and bottle opener; and while it’s not an officially-listed feature, a video from SOG shows that the bottle opener can pull double duty opening packages as well.

It’s worth noting for multitool nuts that the SOG PopGrip is the first new one piece multitool to join the company’s lineup in some time. The last one to be introduced – and the only other one in the current catalog – was the MACV, a tool shaped like SOG’s skeleton logo that incorporated 12 different functions into a notably larger package than the PopGrip tool.

The SOG PopGrip is available now and, in typical PopSockets fashion, available in multiple colors: blue, green, or black.

Featured Image: SOG PopGrip