Spartan Follows up Fixed Blade Release with New Poros Flipper

After a recent spate of fixed blade releases, Spartan is back with a new folder, the Poros. The Poros delivers a larger size folder that looks like it will be capable of lots of different work.

The Poros is the brainchild of Curtis Iovito, one of the co-founders of Spartan Blades. Since opening its doors in 2008, the company has had some pretty high profile collaborations – most recently another one with Bill Harsey, Jr. for a kukri fixed blade – but Iovito is a designer in his own right and has contributed multiple pieces over the years. The Poros bears some similarities to the Zelos, an automatic knife Iovito created a few years ago, but it does its own thing, both in terms of style and size.

The star of the show is the drop point, slender, slick, and endowed with a handsome but subtle swedge that runs almost the entire length of the blade. And blade length here is 3.75 inches, which means that the Poros is the second biggest knife in the Spartan lineup, trailing behind the original Spartan-Harsey Folder by a quarter of an inch. The Poros opens with a flipper exclusively, and it’s made from 154CM steel – a hardworking, longtime favorite that also indicates the Poros’ place in the Spartan lineup: this is a Field Grade release, a designation that means it is situated at the lower end of their pricing spectrum.

The other coloration of G-10 for the Poros

The Poros’ handle is a perfect compliment to the blade: angular, aggressive in a sleek, aerodynamic sort of way, but softened for comfort with significant chamfers on the scales, which are made from either G-10 or carbon fiber/G-10 laminate. It weighs 5.2 oz. and comes with a reversible loop over clip that has the signature Spartan arrow icon cut into it; whichever side the clip is not on can have the recess filled with a steel tab.

The Poros is available now. It is the second new for 2023 product we’ve seen from Spartan recently, following the aforementioned Spartan-Harsey Kukri, which came out during Blade Show.

Knife in Featured Image: Spartan Poros

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