Spartan Starts off 2022 with a Fresh Fixed Blade

The crew at Spartan Blades is getting ready to release the Moros, their first new for 2022 release. The Moros follows closely in the footsteps of previous Spartan fixed blades with its aggressive styling, performance-oriented materials, and rugged build.

In purely visual terms, the Moros fits in perfectly alongside its fellow Spartans. The textbook drop point blade shape is elevated with an epic-length swedge that brings to mind family members like the Phrike. The blade length is 5.25 inches; most Spartan fixed blades have a tactical application, and while that’s certainly the case with the Moros as well, that mid-size length and fundamentally simple blade shape mean Spartan’s latest will be just as capable in the more generalized workhorse and outdoors roles mid-sized fixed blades excel at as well.

Speaking of workhorses, S35VN steel has been a staple at Spartan since the start. Now that its sequel, S45VN, is out and widely available, it makes sense that the crew is running out their newer stuff with the newer steel. On the Moros it’s a perfect compliment to the knife’s flexibility, with high marks in every relevant performance metric. Rust probably won’t be a concern in general, but the Moros’ blade comes with either a black or tan Cerakote – again, a style element taken from previous Spartan releases.

Contoured canvas Micarta scales are laid over the Moros’ full tang handle. Complementing the scale contours is a handle shape that is itself all curves, with no sharp lines or hard angles. There’s a deep, chamfered finger groove beneath the guard and jimping up above; and besides the three channels for the screws, there is also a lanyard hole cut through both scales. Spartan says that the Moros will be available with both MOLLE plastic and Kydex sheath options when it releases.

And when is it releasing? According to Spartan, the Moros is expected to drop next in the middle of next month, although no hard date has been given at this time. And there will be no pre-orders for this one, so if it’s on your wishlist stay vigilant on social media for when it drops.

Knife in Featured Image: Spartan Blades Moros