Spyderco Reintroduces Manix Back Lock at Amsterdam Meet 2017

Spydercollector‘s recap of Amsterdam Meet 2017 is well underway and leading news coming out of the event is a Manix line-extension, a small budget folder, and an update to the Serge Pachenko Dog Tag Folder.

The annual Amsterdam Meet is where Spyderco introduces new models and prototype designs to hardcore European Spyderco fans. Some of the knives are slated for full production by the time they get to Amsterdam, with release windows and specs already pegged down. Others are highly experimental – photographs are off limits – with many designs never making it to the assembly line.

Manix 2 Back Lock
Last year we learned the Manix family would be growing with the addition a version made of Maxamet steel. In 2017, the popular line will continue to expand with news of the Manix 2 Back Lock. The new knife is reminiscent of the very first Manix which also was built with a back lock. Spydercollector tells us this new variant is noticeably different from the original. New micro-textured G-10 handle scales offer a less aggressive grip. The 2017 edition is also completely linerless to keep the weight in line with its Ball Bearing brother.

“If you work with gloves or just want that old familiar Back Lock Manix, then this might be a nice option,” Spydercollector tells us. But, he says the new version will be sold alongside the base model and he doesn’t anticipate the Ball Bearing Lock leaving the lineup anytime soon. “I think it has become very popular for Spyderco. They showed more models with ball bearing locks, like the Q-Ball and D’Allara 3. I doubt they’re looking to get rid of it.”

The Alycone has been long-rumored in the Spyderco forums. In Amsterdam the company revealed it will be a smaller version of the Polestar, a recently-released budget folder that debuted in the 2017 Product Guide. The Alycone, with a 2.87-inch CTS-BD1 blade (about 1/2 an inch shorter than the Polestar’s), is clearly aimed at the budget oriented consumer looking for a smaller blade. Although it’s too early to determine how popular these new models will become, Spydercollector says that it isn’t unusual for the company to invest in an unproven design they believe in. “They like to evolve many of their designs and sometimes just like to try something new.”

Gen 4 Dog Tag Folder
Previous iterations of the Serge Pachenko Dog Tag Folder saw incremental improvements, but Generation 4 is the biggest upgrade yet. The addition of a front ‘handle scale’ and a true V-grind on the blade address two of the criticisms the knife has faced over the years. “The added scale does make it appear a bit more conventional,” Spydercollector tells us. “It might make it more appealing to people who couldn’t get over the exposed blade of the previous versions.”

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Other noteworthy Spyderco developments include the announcement of the HatchetHawk and a new sharpening stone called the Double Stuff.

For Spydercollector, the biggest surprise at the show was the A.T. Barr One-Eyed Jack. He explains that the knife, which Spyderco also brought to SHOT Show, has been in the works for a decade. “I saw this knife at a few meets and then it seemed to disappear from the rotation,” Spydercollector recalls.

It originally featured a dressed-down plain black G-10 and Spydercollector says its rebirth was the highlight of the 2017 Meet. “For that knife to come back with a such a cool handle design and filework, all ready for production – that was really great.”

Knife featured in image: Spyderco One-Eyed Jack (Copyright owner: Spydercollector.com)