Spyderco, Benchmade, and Much More in KnivesShipFree Black Friday Specials

Presented by: KnivesShipFree

Thanksgiving is behind us, so you know what that means: all your go-to dealers are amping up their deals for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Over at KnivesShipFree they’ve got a slew of Black Friday specials, covering all sorts of categories. These limited run offers include steep discounts on Spyderco models, the return of a hard to find Gold Class Benchmade, and more. And as usual, KSF is including a free goodie with any order over $149. This year you can choose between a Benchmade bottle opener, a bottle of their Blue Lube, or their Blue Box knife maintenance tool set.

Spyderco Sale

Spyderco tends to keep a pretty close watch on their pricing throughout the year. But the Golden, CO giant surprised us all and loosened the reigns a bit for Black Friday, so you can get some really killer deals on popular Spydie models this weekend at KSF. You might have heard of a little knife called the Para 3 Lightweight? It’s something of a modern classic and you can pick one up right now for $80.

Shun Premier Veggie Knife

More and more over the years we find ourselves writing about, and advocating for, knife enthusiasts upgrading the knives in their kitchen alongside the knives in their pocket. KSF has this Shun Veggie Knife discounted down to $60, and, not only is it a capable cutter with its VG-MAX blade steel, but it’s a handsome-looking knife too. Your non-knife friends may not be able to appreciate the ins and outs of a high-end folder, but they will for sure take notice of the Shun’s damascus cladding and PakkaWood handle.

Kershaw Launch 13 & 14

Speaking of folders, KSF discounted the price of two Kershaw Launch models this year. The Launch series are single action automatic knives, made in the U.S. with higher end steels than the average Kershaw release. You can pick between the Launch 13, with its wicked wharnie blade, or the burly cleaver stylings of the Launch 14; either way you’re getting hard-working CPM-154 powder metallurgy steel, so these are knives that will last you through many Christmases to come.

Zoe Crist Backpacker

Fixed blade fans, this one’s for you: the Zoe Crist Backpacker is discounted for Black Friday weekend. Its 3.75-inch drop point is an outdoorsman’s dream, capable of a great many cutting jobs and graced with classic good looks to boot. The A-2 steel and leather sheath give the Backpacker an air of timelessness even as they allow it to be, and remain for many years, a hardworking tool.

Benchmade Gold Class Tengu

When Jared Oeser signed on with Benchmade a while back, it was big news. Sadly, all the Oeser/Benchmade collabs have since been discontinued, and thus nearly impossible to find on the primary market. KSF tapped into some kind of Christmas magic and managed to stock some of the Gold Class Tengu knives for the shopping holiday – and they’re even taking $50 off the price.

Fox Karambits 50% off

Fox Knives loves a good karambit. If you do too, you’ll be pleased to see this classic iteration of the form from the Maniago company on the Black Friday deals page. Coming in hot at 50% off, you can pick between three different colors of twill G-10 for your next curved cutter fix.

Brous Blades for $99

There’s a big batch of Brous Blades marked down, too. Maker Jason Brous has been building out his production label folders for some time now, so, if you’re interested in getting your hands on one of his aggro, bio-mechanoid designs, there’s never been a better time to do so. Heck, with the discount and all it might be advisable to get two (one for each hand).

KME Sharpeners 10% off

With all these fresh new edged implements, you’re going to need to up your sharpening game as well. The KME Precision Knife Sharpening System does exactly what it says on the tin, helping users put exact, high-performance edges on their favorite knives. All KME products on the KSF site are discounted by a healthy 10%, so you can treat yourself and start off 2023 with the edges your knives deserve.

Warehouse Finds

Last, but certainly not least, the crew at KSF did some fall/winter cleaning and found a bunch of cool cutlery in their warehouse, all of which is on special discount through the weekend. There’s some really cool, really diverse stuff here, including blades from Scagel, Bark River, and more. We’re particularly partial to the Krein K9 mid-techs and the very swanky Buck 110 Folding Hunters with C-Tek scales, but take a browse and find what calls out to you. There’s something for everybody.

These deals are just the beginning, by the way. KnivesShipFree will be adding more specials all weekend, wrapping things up on Cyber Monday with one last batch of deals, so check back often and check off some of the things on your Christmas shopping list for the special people in your lives – or yourself. We won’t judge.

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