Spyderco Releases 2018 Product Guide

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Spyderco has just released its 2018 Product Guide. The Golden, CO manufacturer delivered a 184 page catalog that contains 11 never before seen knives poised to arrive in 2018.

The new lineup shows more restraint than last year’s major overhaul, but changes and additions are on point. A dozen new Sprint Run models will showcase a rare Japanese steel and revive favorite designs from the Spyderco history books. The company also added to its stable of innovative locking mechanisms, pairing the new Stop Lock with another unconventional Paul Alexander design.

Designer Paul Alexander sees his third Spyderco collaboration in as many years. 2016 and ’17 witnessed the debut of his Ouroboros and Sliverax designs, and in 2018 the quirky Parata is en route. It also marks the debut of Spyderco’s patented Stop Lock in a production knife. Long-rumored in the forums, the Stop Lock rides on the spine of the knife like a Compression Lock, but works by pushing a spring-loaded toggle forward or back. The ambidextrous Stop Lock mechanism doubles as the stop pin, reducing the stress-bearing parts count of the knife.

Lil’ Native Back Lock
Last month the Compression Lock Lil’ Native became the latest addition to Spyderco’s USA-made lineup. Now we know it will be joined by a traditional back lock variant. In addition to the mechanism switch-up, the Back Lock Lil’ Native swaps the deep carry wire clip for a four-way positionable spoon clip.

Rescue 3 FFG
This latest Rescue model variation ditches the saber grind in favor of a full flat one. The refined profile adds additional cutting horsepower alongside the standard SpyderEdge serrations.

Native 5 Salt
Spyderco has given the Native 5 a lot of love lately, with Maxamet and S110V variations as well as a smaller companion piece in the Lil’ Native. Now, the Native 5 transitions into a Salt series variant with the works: yellows scales, coated backspring, and LC 200N blade steel

Clipitool Standard & Rescue
The pint-sized, multifunctional Clipitool line grows with the 3-inch blade Standard and Rescue models. The Standard has a locking plain edge 8Cr13MoV blade and two slipjoint utility arms incorporating screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, and a wire stripper. The Rescue opts for a serrated sheepsfoot blade, a screwdriver, and a rescue hook.

Reinhold Rhino
Earlier this year Spyderco told fans that the Rhino, originally slated to release with G-10 and CTS-BD1 steel at a budget price, would be getting a premium makeover. The 2018 revision will come in carbon fiber/G-10 scales and high-performance CTS-XHP blade steel.

Spyderco tapped into their talented fan base for this Salt series fixed blade. Fisherman Lance Clinton drew up the simple, sturdy Waterway for any number of waterside cutting cores.

Sal Glesser himself drew up the Respect, a concealed tang, bowie-style knife with extra muscle. Its 8-inch CPM-154 blade is ground from .3-inch thick stock across a wide profile, offering both toughness and high performance.

When we spoke with Eric Glesser last month, he promised a perfected production Hamaguri grind, and that comes to fruition on the Zoomer. The cutting performance such a grind brings to the table sees further enhancement by top-tier CPM-20V steel. Spyderco veered away from traditional bushcraft elements with this knife, drawing up a unique G-10 handle with integrated thumb ramp and exposed rear tang for hammering.

Warrior Hawk
The latest fighting tomahawk from martial artist Laci Szabo replaces the Szabohawk, which was discontinued earlier this year. It follows a similar design and utilizes identical D2 steel.

Aggressive and stylish, the PPT folder gets classed up with a carbon fiber front scale and S90V steel. A Delica 4 Wharncliffe belatedly joins the HAP40 Sprint series Spyderco ran recently, with burnt orange scales and a laminate blade.

Two beloved Spyderco EDCs from the past, the Kopa and the Calypso Jr., will be making brief returns. The Spyderhawk Salt is also back, this time with orange scales. Spyderco’s very first Ethnic Series folder, the Shabaria, makes the Sprint Run cut, so collectors will have a second shot at this Bedouin-inspired blade.

As they have done with steels like Super Blue and HAP40 in the past, Spyderco is bringing out an extended family of standby models in an exotic alloy. This time the steel is V-Toku2, a Japanese offering with high edge retention. The Delica, Endura, Stretch, Dragonfly 2, Ladybug, and Manbug all get the V-Toku2 treatment, which also includes a new blue-gray coloration of FRN.

Knife featured in image: Clipitool Rescue