Spyderco Reveal Showcases New Steels for Popular Models

Spyderco Reveal 6 has dropped today, heralding the latest batch of incoming new models. Variation and expansion is the emphasis this time, with lots of new steels for old favorites, and sequels to existing knives as well.

Pacific and Atlantic Salt 2 in LC200N

Lots of fresh steels are on offer in Reveal 6; perhaps the headliner in that department is the latest pair of Salt models. Clad in lime green FRN scales, they sport full flat grinds, and LC200N steel instead of H-1.

New Steels Abound

The Endela and Police 4 are both getting K390 variations, while the Delica 4 can now be had with pink scales and an S30V blade. In addition, the Tenacious Lightweight is aiming to maximize its performance to price ratio with a new S35VN-bladed option.

Other super steels are getting some love as well, with a Maxamet-sporting Sage 1 on the way, and a new Sprint Run Para Military 2, made from SPY 27 blade steel and gussied up with scales that show off the Colorado state flag. For those who want to play around with S45VN in a fixed blade format, the latest Mule is made from that new steel. And while it is made from its standard CTS-XHP, the Spyderco Chaparral is back with another fresh set of scales, these ones made from birdseye maple.

Manbug Wharnie

The Wharncliffe blade shape continues to appear in Spyderco’s lineup. Now the dimunitive Manbug is getting in on the action, with two different variants on offer: one with a satin blade, the other with a blackcoated one.


Now the Sardinia-inspired Pattada has a little brother in the form of the Pattadese. This knife takes the Pattada’s form and reduces it by 15%, creating something more EDC-spec’d than its forebear. The Pattadese’s blade measures 2.95 inches, it weighs 2.7 oz., and carries with a loop over wire clip.

SmallFly 2

Balisong users rejoice: the Spyderco SmallFly is back, new and improved for 2020. The Smallfly 2 has a more practical, full flat grind drop point blade, but otherwise retains the strut-like handles and spring-loaded latch of its predecessor.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Pacific Salt 2