Spyderco Revises and Expands in Product Reveal 10

We were expecting a Product Reveal from Spyderco ahead of Blade Show this weekend, and it just dropped today. Reveal No. 10 rounds out and revises some established lines, but there are also some brand new items and tempting Sprint Runs on the way.

Ambitious Lightweight

The venerable Spyderco Value Folder lineup has been getting FRN versions slowly but surely, and the Ambitious is the latest in the line to get the treatment. The FRN construction shaves a fifth of an ounce off the weight, but otherwise the design is the same, from the 2.34-inch leaf blade to the 8Cr13MoV blade steel.


Here’s an unusual one: a Byrd model making the jump to the Spyderco line. The Byrd Tern is a modern slipjoint knife with G-10 scales and the Byrd comet opening hole; the UpTern comes in stainless steel scales, houses a lockback, and replaces the comet opener with the Spyder Hole.

Full Production SPY27 Mule

Another interesting development in Reveal 10 is the induction of the SPY27 Mule into Spyderco’s ongoing production lineup. Typically Mule Project knives are limited in number, but Spyderco says they want to allow customers easy access to their relatively new proprietary stainless. The production SPY27 Mule has a straight blade spine instead of the more curved ones on its more temporary brethren.

Subway Bowie

French fixed blade maestro Fred Perrin is back with another compact tactical offering. A possible neck knife candidate, the Subway Bowie has a 2.8-inch blade made from LC200N, and a very Perrin-esque handle, with its narrow choke point widening into a hand-filling shape for grip comfort.

Enuff 2

The man Sal Glesser himself returns to an enduring fixed blade design for a larger version. The Enuff 2 dials up the blade length by nearly 50% to 3.93 inches, which makes the leaf blade look and work a little differently, but in terms of broad strokes the smart, simple design of the original is maintained here. The Enuff 2 is made from VG-10 and available in both plain edge and Spyder Edge variations.

Sprint Runs

Spyderco likes to return to out of production models for its Sprints, and Reveal No. 10 includes two such revivals. The first is the PITS (it stands for Pie in the Sky), a design by Mike Read that houses a bespoke slipjoint mechanism built around a crossbar fitted into a spring arm. 2022 also sees the return of the Massad Ayoob, named after its designer, a big ol’ tactical knife known for its 3.7-inch trailing point blade, made this time from CPM-CruWear. Finally, another big knife, the Native Chief, gets an M390 steel/brown G-10 scale Sprint, available with or without a black blade coating.

A Whole Mess of Mules

In addition to the special production SPY27 Mule, Spyderco has a trio of standard limited run Mules on the way. The Mule platform is a showcase for wild steels, and on offer this time are CPM Rex 76 (which can be hardened up to 68-70 HRC!), CPM Rex T15, and Bohler-Uddholm M398 , the sequel to their enduring favorite, M390.

Line Expansions Revisions

The Endela got its standard Wharnie model last November; now, a K390 steel variant with its corresponding dark blue scales is on the way. Additionally, two Salt models, the Native 5 and UK Pen Knife, have had their scales changed from yellow to bright green, so that they’re now in keeping with the rest of the LC200N-clad line. Finally, the Persistence Lightweight now has an S35VN flavor just like its bigger brother the Tenacious.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco PITS Sprint Run