State & Union Builds Special Edition Dog’s Head Fixed Blade

State and Union, KA-BAR’s custom knife shop, recently recreated one of the most sought-after versions of the company’s most iconic fixed blade, the USMC Red Spacer KA-BAR. Now, they’re following up that release with a Red Spacer version of Dog’s Head, a fixed blade closely related to the USMC.

Even non-knife people recognize the KA-BAR USMC; it’s up there with the 110 Folding Hunter and the Swiss Army knife in terms of famous cutting implements. The fuller’d clip blade made its name as a companion to soldiers throughout WWII, and it has had a fervent following of users and collectors ever since. And, also like the SAK and the 110, there are collectors out there who seek out specific variations of the USMC – one of which is the Red Spacer version, which is what it sounds like: a USMC (produced during WWII) with a red spacer between the steel guard and the black stacked leather barrel handle.

The Dog’s Head is almost identical to the USMC, with just a few differences to the overall design. Its clip point is just a tad shorter, for instance, at 7 inches even. The standard Dog’s Head has an elongated, asymmetrical pommel, and an asymmetrical guard to go with it, but those two details are absent on this Red Spacer Dog’s head. Its handle follows the look of the USMC, with a symmetrical guard and pommel instead.

We’re sure there are one or two collector’s out there who will want to take their Red Spacer Dog’s Head out into the field; but the vast majority of owners will probably keep their piece clean and safe on a shelf. That being said, State & Union did this run up just as they would a more user-oriented release, with a work ready, blued, 1095 Cro-Van blade. The stacked leather handle has been dyed and the sheath factory-aged; in total this little number weighs 14.4 oz.

The Red Space Dog’s Head is available now. KA-BAR hasn’t said how many are available, but the Red Spacer USMC, released ahead of this one, is long gone.

Knife in Featured Image: KA-BAR Red Spacer Dog’s Head

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