StatGear Creates New Slipjoint for UK and Canadian Customers

StatGear is crowdfunding its latest knife, a new slipjoint called the Ledge. The knife wraps a traditional slipjoint backspring in a modern package that follows in the footsteps of other budget-friendly strong performers from StatGear.

The Ledge project was a long time coming. “We’ve been keen on making a slipjoint for awhile now due to many requests for StatGear knives from our UK fans,” says StatGear CEO Avi Goldstein. The recent change in Canadian knife law was the tipping point for the company. “[We] finally decided to push ahead when we had several large shipments of knives taken at the Canadian border after they started enforcing their new border laws on knives that can be opened with one hand,” he tells us.

In drawing up their first slipjoint, however, StatGear wanted to do things a little differently. The mechanism may be an old one but virtually every other element of the Ledge strikes a much more modern chord. The material choices – G-10 and D2 blade steel – are the two obvious ones, but the blade shape and even the way StatGear went about designing the nail mark are also break with tradition. “We wanted to look for a better way to deploy the blade than the commonly found nail nicks and went with an oversized groove that carries through the entire blade length,” Goldstein tells us. “As well as using a wider blade that would extend past the handle edge for easier grasping.”

StatGear’s chosen blade shape is an angled, and angular, wharncliffe profile. It measures 2.5 inches long, making the Ledge a compact overall carry that weighs just 2 oz. StatGear also tapped the Ledge for a reversible, tip-up clip so that users have the option of in pocket or clipped carry. “We wanted to sort of flip it around by taking the traditional slipjoint backspring mechanism and putting it in a modern body,” Goldstein notes.

The idea of a modern slipjoint isn’t a new one but the StatGear Ledge brings the idea into an affordable price point, with the knife available for less than $40 currently. The Ledge, which launched on Kickstarter yesterday, is already fully funded. It is the latest in a long line of successful crowdfunded projects for StatGear. They have used the platform to jumpstart their entire modern knife line, and Goldstein says that more blades are coming, as well as other EDC-oriented projects. “We’ve been working on a design for a super sweet EDC handle for standard razor blades for a few years already,” Goldstein shares. “The light at the end of the tunnel is finally in view.”

Knife in Featured image: StatGear Ledge

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