Statgear Putting Out First Flipper Knife with EDC-Friendly Slinger

Statgear is continuing to push knife releases with its first frame lock flipper, the Slinger. The EDC-friendly blade debuted on Kickstarter recently and is one of the smallest knives in Statgear’s burgeoning lineup.

Compact EDC is the Slinger’s theme, placing it on the other end of the spectrum from the company’s Ausus knife. “What makes this knife different from previous knives we’ve released is this is the first compact size knife while being equipped with a quality D2 steel blade,” says the company’s Stacy Whitaker. The cutting edge is a stout, broad snubnose or spey-point blade, mixing durability and slicing performance. For their first flipper design, Statgear also chose to implement a ball bearing pivot, and each version of the Slinger comes with differently colored, contrasting hardware. Whitaker tells us that the only variations will be the three color options – blue, grey, or black – available through the Kickstarter. No special runs or variant steels are planned at this point.

In terms of size, the Slinger falls right in between two other Statgear releases, the keychain-friendly Pocket Samurai and the large, hardworking Ausus that came out last year. Even with an all stainless steel chassis it manages to be a lightweight, probably thanks to both its small size and extensive handle milling. The Slinger’s carry weight is just 2.2 oz, and a non-swappapable tip down pocket clip keeps the Slinger out of the way and secure during carry.

A two-inch blade and a three-inch handle add up to a very small knife. But the small size does not affect the Slinger’s ergonomics, even if that’s an area that tiny blade don’t often excel at. In fact, the mechanics of the flipping action weren’t as tough to iron out as the handle design. “We spent hours designing, prototyping, and re-designing until finally we came up with the angled handle tip to provide the most ergonomic comfort and blade control in any folder this size,” Whitaker explains.

Statgear has more plans for knives in the future. Each recent release has been distinctive so far and the next could be another new genre. “We’re eyeing a slip joint knife as one of our next projects,” says Whitaker.

Knife featured in image: Statgear Slinger

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