StatGear Releases Slender Sequel to Ausus Folder

StatGear has returned to its Ausus model for a major line expansion, the Ausus Slim. The Slim makes changes to just about every element of the original Ausus design, and may presage other Ausus variants in the future.

Situated at a wallet-friendly $50 price point, the original Ausus released in 2017, and was StatGear’s emissary to knife enthusiasts, a statement of intent that the company wanted to create blades that would appeal to knife nerds as well as general users. “Our original Ausus knives were very well received with people loving the overall design and quality but many of our customers requested a less-bulky, more ergonomically-minded version,” says Avi Goldstein, StatGear CEO.

This was actually a request that Goldstein and his team anticipated all the way back in 2017; at the time they told us a smaller version of the Ausus was in the works. But it took a long time for that concept to become a reality, and the changes are more drastic than a mere size reduction.

Gone is the original Ausus’ 3.5-inch drop point blade, replaced by a slimmer, 3.13-inch reverse tanto. Goldstein tells us that the blade shape came about from a desire to change up the deployment method. “We also had many requests for a flipper version of the Ausus, so we changed the blade shape to a reverse tanto to match the slim profile of the handle, and replaced the extra large thumbstuds with a flipper, while utilizing the same caged ball bearings for smooth deployment.” StatGear was among the first companies to land on D2 as a great steel choice for an inexpensive work knife, and they’ve returned to it for the blade of the Ausus Slim.

There are two different colorations available for the Ausus Slim

Instead of a resized rendition of the boxy, angular handle of the original Ausus, the ergonomics on the Slim have been totally redrawn. “We designed the Ausus Slim with a highly contoured handle for some seriously comfortable ergonomics,” Goldstein notes. “The Ausus Slim also boasts a generous finger choil with the same aggressive jimping from the original Ausus model, although the Slim has a slightly longer jimping area.”

The Ausus Slim exists as it does due to feedback from customers, and StatGear already has their ear to the ground again for future ideas. “Since our Kickstarter launch for the Ausus Slim, we’ve had many requests for a slipjoint version of the Ausus Slim from our loyal customers and dealers in the UK and Canada,” says Goldstein. “That may be our next version of the Ausus to get produced.” He is also clear to point out that, although supply is limited at this time, the original Ausus isn’t going away either. “We’ll still be producing the original Ausus but there are so many delays and shortages of materials worldwide that we decided to prioritize production for some of the newer knife new models we’ve designed.”

The Kickstarter for the Ausus Slim is up now, and open for funding through August 31st, 2021. The goal has already been met, and the knife is expected to ship in October.

Knife in Featured Image: StatGear Ausus Slim