StatGear’s New Brand Makes Pocket Clip for Swiss Army Knives

Clip & Carry, a new brand from the people behind StatGear, is looking to fund the SwissQlip, an attachable accessory for 91mm Swiss Army Knives that gives them a pocket clip.

“The Swiss Army Knife has been the most popular EDC multitool for decades and for good reason,” says StatGear and Clip & Carry Founder Avi Goldstein, “but we felt that it was missing one of the most important elements to make it perfect, which was carrying comfort and accessibility.” With an aim to finding a solution to this problem, Goldstein and his team spent two years developing the SwissQlip. “We believe the Swiss Army Knives would be so much more convenient to carry if they wouldn’t have to be carried in the bottom¬†of your pocket or attached to a bulky keyring.”

Clip & Carry decided to repurpose that keyring attachment, present on so many SAK models, as a fastening point for the SwissQlip. A single screw passes through the keyring and is fastened to the SwissQlip itself; mounting arms provide additional rigidity and keep the Swiss Qlip in place while staying out of the way of any of the tools. “The clip is firmly mounted onto the scale of the knife and every single function of the multitool is still 100% functional,” Goldstein confirms.

This first SwissQlip is compatible with 21 different 91mm SAK models, including popular standbys like the Tinker family and the Swiss Champ. Goldstein says they chose the 91mm format because it seemed the size class most in need, but they have others in the wings if the demand is there. “Once we prove the concept is well received, we’ll be producing for the next size down, which is the 84mm models.”

Clip & Carry is a new project for Goldstein, separate from StatGear itself. It will focus on carry solutions for existing products rather than creating them from scratch. In addition to the SwissQlip, they currently offer Kydex sheaths for popular multitool models. “As these are made in the U.S. we have a really fast supply chain, so we can add new models of sheaths regularly,” Goldstein tells us.

The SwissQlip is seeking funding on IndieGoGo right now. It is almost 90% of the way to its asking amount of $5000 with 34 days left to go.

Featured Image: Clip & Carry SwissQlip