Steel Will Invents Patent Pending Ant-Lock Mechanism

Steel Will Knives has more than just new knife announcements in store for 2017. The company has developed a brand new locking mechanism called the Ant-Lock. “It’s a completely original design mechanically,” says Steel Will Director Boris Shekhman. The patent pending Ant-Lock will first appear on a late 2017 release called the F12 (featured in image), but Steel Will has big plans for the new mechanism going forward.

Strength was a key requirement during the Ant-Lock’s 14-month development. “It excels at bearing loads and pressure,” Shekhman says. The design team at Steel Will also managed to fit it into a small footprint. Knives outfitted with the mechanism have the potential to be both lightweight and hard-use because the Ant-Lock doesn’t require stabilizing liners. The ambidextrous lock disengages via a small vertical sliding tab accessible on either scale of the knife.

The Steel Will Knives F12 and a handful of other Ant-Lock knives are scheduled for release in the second half of the year. Shekman anticipates that most new Steel Will folders will feature the Ant-Lock by 2018. The company is also considering retrofitting existing Steel Will models.

The Ant-Lock is just the first in a series of innovations that Steel Will plans on introducing. The company aims to attract new buyers as much with its R&D as with its compelling designs. “We’re not changing direction, but transitioning into a bigger role. We want to make a big splash in the knife industry,” Shekhman says. According to Steel Will, licensing new inventions to other knife brands is not out of the question.

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Steel Will is bringing the first Ant-Lock knife prototypes to SHOT Show. Follow our coverage starting Tuesday, January 17th to see it in action.

Knife featured in image: Steel Will Knives F12 Prototype