Steel Will Updates Onrush with New Serration Technology

Steel Will is following up their new Ant-Lock mechanism with the debut of an original serration pattern designed to maximize the speed of each cutting motion. The move is designed to deliver on customer requests for serrated blades and further their reputation as an innovator. The company spent a year refining the patent pending serration and says it won’t be the last Steel Will invention to be announced this year.

The serrations work in sets of three. Each tooth is ground in a different size, from the smallest toward the front to the biggest at the back. The smallest tooth initiates the cut and the bigger ones behind it accelerate cutting during a pull. The result is a blade that cuts quicker. “The initial cut provides a deeper incision, and there’s a deeper bite on that first draw,” explains Steel Will Director Boris Shekhman. He also put fears of more complicated sharpening to rest, telling us these serrations won’t be any harder (or easier) to maintain than a standard set.

The new serrations with debut on the Onrush 632S (shown below), a revised version of the 612. Designed for military, law enforcement, and first responders, the Onrush was an obvious choice for serrated variants. Beyond a combo edge, other updates to the original include a PVD-coated clip and minor tweaks to the grip design and lockbar access. In March, a new version of the Censor fixed blade, with a partially-serrated karambit blade, will become the second model to feature the new edge design.

Steel Will Knives Onrush 632S

Steel Will Knives has no immediate plans to introduce fully serrated blades. More combo-edged models are on the horizon but the company is cherry picking which ones will get the upgrade. “We’re focused on getting out a lot of new product this year, so we can’t have twelve variations of each model,” Shekhman tells us.

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Shekhman indicates that the team at Steel Will is going to continue racking up the patents, with another new technology already in the pipeline. “We have great designers, so that’s never been a problem. But as a new knife company innovation is also a must.”

Knife featured in image: Steel Will Onrush 632S