Steel Will Returns with Latest EDC Flipper Release

Steel Will is back in the affordable knife arena once again with the Arcturus. Playing to the strengths of the Steel Will brand, the Arcturus mixes utilitarian materials with an wallet-friendly price tag.

Recently Steel Will tapped outside collaborator, Tommaso Rumici for the Piercer, which released earlier this year. They’ve gone back to their in-house design team for the Arcturus, who turned in a slick, relatively slim knife with a bio-organic vibe very much in line with previous releases like the Modus. A harpoon-style clip blade blends a strong tip with a long, gradual belly, allowing the Arcturus to adapt to a wide range of cutting chores in either of its two size configurations. Steel Will held the course in terms of materials too, once again reaching for their crowdpleasing standbys of G-10 handle scales and D2 semi-stainless blade steel – available in both stonewashed and coated variations.

The handle itself tapers to a very narrow end, and the spine of the blade has been given a sizable dip, allowing users to place a thumb there for harder cuts or a forefinger to guide more delicate ones. Opening method and locking mechanism remain consistent across all models: a ball bearing flipper and stainless steel liner lock.

We’re seeing the Arcturus debut in two different different size categories: the ‘full size’ model has a blade length of 3.75 inches and weighs 4.2 oz., while the ‘Mini’ Arcturus shrinks the dimensions down to a 3.25 inch edge and a commensurate drop in weight to 3.4 oz. Both size options keep the price well below $100, with an MSRP set at $64.99 and $69.99 for the Mini and full size, respectively.

Knife in Featured image: Steel Will Arcturus