Steel Will’s First 2022 Knife is the Warbot

Steel Will has revealed its first new for 2022 knife, the Warbot. The Warbot doesn’t deviate too much from previous Steel Will knives in terms of its materials, but does adopt a much more tactical aesthetic than 2021’s releases.

With a name like the Warbot you better bring some kind of hard use chops to the table; designer Anton Tkachenko didn’t disappoint in that regard. The Warbot’s blade is a bulked up clip point, with an exaggerated, nigh-harpoon swedge and a cutting edge 3.5 inches in length. It’s a blade shape well-suited for the rougher class of everyday chores, or smaller outdoors tasks as a backup knife.

The Warbot comes in two configurations. There’s a black G-10-handled model with a plain edge blade, or a green G-10 model with partially serrated edge. Both models have D2 blade steel, which won’t surprise anyone, but it will perform in this role extremely well, with high edge retention and toughness in exchange for being a semi-stainless and thus requiring a bit more care to prevent rust. The Warbot opens exclusively through a flipper, with a pivot riding on bronze washers instead of ball bearings, which should also help it in terms of longevity away from easy maintenance solutions.

Two finger grooves can be found beneath the Warbot’s guard, one deep, one shallow. These are the two ergonomic highlights on the handle, with the rest of its profile adhering very much to familiar patterns. Steel liners are beneath the G-10 scales, and there’s a knurled backspacer for grip and style. Steel Will also saw fit to include a glass breaker on this spacer; it is attached with hidden hardware and can be removed if such an implement doesn’t rattle your saber.

So far, the Warbot is the only new for 2022 Steel Will knife we’ve seen. The company had a pretty quiet 2021, with just two releases total. Hopefully the Warbot leads the charge for a busier new year.

Knife in Featured Image: Steel Will Warbot