SURVIVE! Opens the Floodgates with New SK Series

SURVIVE! Knives has a problem and it’s one that many businesses wish they had. The Kellogg, Idaho-based company can’t keep up with the overwhelming demand for their designs. To close the gap, the company recently revealed it will be introducing the SK Series, a line of production knives based on the GSO Series and made by manufacturing partners on a large scale. The SURVIVE! SK-3.5, the equivalent of the GSO-3.5, is already in production and will be the first blade in the SK Series, with others soon to follow.

Ever since Guy Seiferd founded SURVIVE!, customers have been lining up out the door for his precisely-finished fixed blades. But, Seiferd’s meticulous approach to manufacturing has always been at odds with efficient production. “Our finishing right now is still a one-by-one process,” he tells us. Signature touches like the SURVIVE! peened blade finish and micro-textured handles take upward of an hour on each knife that leaves the shop.

The SK Series puts production and assembly into SURVIVE!’s US-based OEM’s hands. “It’s really hard for me to let my designs go,” he says. SK blades will have more conventional finishing than a GSO knife, but will continue to feature SURVIVE!’s premium steel options and signature heat treat recipe. Each SK knife will receive a final quality control inspection at the SURVIVE! head quarters and it’s a safe bet that Seiferd will be the one personally examining every blade.

SURVIVE! plans on transitioning more GSO models into the SK Series. New releases should drop every couple of months, with the SK-6 and 12 first to follow up the SK-3.5. The increased volume and consistent pace mean more knives for eager fans. “We’re striving for almost continual availability with the SK Series,” Seiferd tells us.

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“We’re downsizing the amount of GSO units for the next few runs, to focus on pre-orders and ramping up the SK Series,” he continues. After killing off the backlog of orders, Seiferd will once again be freed up to innovate in the GSO line. “There are still several knife models that the world hasn’t seen yet,” he hints. Successful experiments in the GSO line could be given large-scale production life in the SK Series if there is the demand.

The first batch of SK-3.5s will be available within the next couple of months at a price of $184. It will be followed by the SK-6 and SK-12, two larger fixed blades that will go for $249 and $389 respectively.

Knife featured in image: SURVIVE! GSO-4.7

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