Taking Stock of New Zero Tolerance Sprint Run Releases

If you’ve paid a visit to the ‘New Items’ page on dealers’ websites lately, you’ve probably noticed that Zero Tolerance has been quietly releasing limited run versions of popular models over the course of the last several weeks. We’ve put this list together, to make it easier to sort through all the new options:

Todd Rexford’s ZT0801 is a fan favorite, and has already seen variations since its release. None are quite like the just-announced ZT0801BRZ. With completely new machining on the handle scale, an unusual but striking bronze anodization job, and M390 steel upgrade, the ZT0801BRZ is almost an entirely new knife.


ZT doesn’t make a lot of assisted-opening knives, but they knocked it out of the park with 0770. It is fast, astonishingly thin, and has an unusual but useful blade shape. Zero Tolerance recently shipped a blackwash blade/gray aluminum sprint run model (the ZT0770GRYBW shown below) and announced a soon-to-be-shipped version with a DLC-coated blade and an OD green aluminum handle (the 0770ODBLK). If you’re looking for a premium steel & handle upgrade, check out the KnivesShipFree exclusive version in a DLC-coated M4 Blade & Carbon Fiber handle.


It seems that Dmitry Sinkevich and ZT can do no wrong together. The ZT0450CF combines a slim, trim carry with an elegant blade shape and peerless flipping action, and has been an EDC favorite since its release. The ZT0450CFZDP sprint run swaps out DLC-coated S35VN in favor of satin-finished ZDP-189 blade steel. The knife also comes in blue, instead of green anodized backspacers to further set the knife apart from the regular production version.


The Les George-designed ZT0900 might be ZT’s shortest knife, but it’s just as stout as its larger stablemates. The new blue anodization on the ZT0900BLU sprint run makes this capable little pocket rocket genuine eye candy as well.


A collaboration between ZT and Ernest Emerson just made sense, and the ZT0630 is classic American muscle. An upgrade to a dressier carbon fiber show side scale and M390 blade steel make the  ZT0630CF classy, capable, and collectible.


Tactical, rugged, lightweight, and handsome: for users interested in a large EDC or a self-defense knife, the ZT0452 does it all. M390 replaces S35VN on the ZT0452CFM390BLU sprint run model, and the titanium was given a blue anodization to add a splash of color and off-set the muted carbon fiber show side.

ZT0452CFM390BLU Clip Side


GPKnives Custom Modded Exclusives
Recognizing the popularity of aftermarket modifications of Zero Tolerance Knives, GPKnives are offering limited batches of ZT models in G-10 & Micarta handle scales. “We actually have the scales custom made and then alter the regular production items in-house,” says Jamie Quinn at GPKnives. Customers can find unique versions of the ZT0909, ZT0620, ZT0630, and ZT0562 via the dealer’s website.

Knife featured in image: Zero Tolerance 0801BRZ