Tashi Bharucha’s Phoenix Rises First in Collaboration Series with Fox

Tashi Bharucha just revealed the first of three new Fox Cutlery collaborations. The series will feature three contrasting Bharucha-designed blades. Bharucha and Fox are kicking off the trio with the Phoenix, a bold new titanium framelock flipper.

The Fox Phoenix stands out with its masculine lines, unique colorization, and eye-catching details. All the modern features are present and accounted for: framelock with a steel insert, flipper, sculpted titanium clip, and a 3.35” wharncliffe blade made of M390 super steel. “This model is clearly targeted at the U.S. market as far as the design, size, materials and locking system goes,” says Bharucha.

Fox Phoenix

Maniago, Italy-based Fox has a reputation for immaculate presentation, and they brought all their craftsmanship to bear on the Phoenix. The geometric linework on the scales is achieved through a time-intensive process involving two manufacturing steps. The scales and backspacer are machined to form a continuous curve. This is a signature Bharucha touch that Fox Cutlery manages to mimic on a production scale. “I still don’t know how they pulled that off but they nailed it!” Bharucha tells us.

The manageable weight and size make the Phoenix a great EDC. With a snappy deployment and an ergonomic handle, the knife can also perform a tactical role. “And let’s not forget I was born and raised in France,” says Bharucha, “Eating and prepping food is always on my mind when I’m designing a knife.” The Phoenix’s slicey modified wharncliffe blade make it an excellent tool for a picnic in the hills of France.

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The Phoenix is clearly gunning for a position in the high-end production knife scene, but Bharucha and Fox have two more designs in the works. A new slipjoint and a lockback will round out the trio. Both new knives will be budget-oriented blades, very different animals than the Phoenix. ”After the Phoenix I’m sticking with Fox to work on those small budget slipjoints and lockbacks. That should be fun too!” Bharucha says.

The price of the Phoenix is still to be determined, but the knife is already in production and should be available before the year’s end.

Knife featured in image: Fox Cutlery Phoenix