The Ivan Braginets Huginn is Real Steel’s First 2022 Release

We’re reeling from SHOT Show and the slew of big announcements that preceded and punctuated it. One after another, companies flaunted fleets of fresh fixed blades and folders; it was a feast of new stuff and we’re still playing catch up. In all the hubbub it was easy to miss that Real Steel Knives quietly released the Huginn, their latest collaboration model with designer Ivan Braginets.

Like most of us, Braginets likes a nice, broad drop point, and he likes to scale them up into the mid- to large size category. The Huginn’s blade measures 3.66 inches, placing it in the “expanded EDC” genre: still compact and controllable for the small stuff, but big enough for extracurricular work, including outdoors chores. The blade steel is VG-10, an elder statesman in the metallurgical world, but one with plenty to offer a modern EDC enthusiast, especially if corrosion resistance is important to you. Thumb studs are the primary way to open this knife, but Braginets garnished the blade with a deep fuller that can serve as a pinch point for two-handed opening.

The OD green Huginn comes with a coated blade

The handle reminds us somewhat of that on the Rokot, a Braginets/RSK joint from 2020. However, where the Rokot’s handle emphasized lines and angles, the Huginn’s is much curvier, with a palm swell in the center and the guard/butt creating a bracket for the hand. The scales are made from G-10, offered in three colors: orange, black, and OD green. The Huginn comes outfitted with the Slide Lock, an Axis Lock-style mechanism that, along with the reversible pocket clip, makes the knife 100% ambidextrous. That clip is done up in the deep carry style and, despite its not inconsiderable overall size, the Huginn keeps its weight well within reason at 3.7 oz.

Braginets is a bit of an elder statesman himself in the Real Steel catalog. The Huginn will be joining other Braginets designs like the aforementioned Rokot, the Akuma, and Gardarik fixed blade. He has already teased his next project, a sizable-looking front flipper in all ti.

As mentioned earlier, the Huginn is the only new for 2022 model we’ve seen from Real Steel so far – but it’s safe to say we can expect more in the future, as the company tends to reveal their new models close to the actual release date. Maybe a Muninn is in the works?

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Huginn