The Lizard Crawls into Bestech’s Budget Lineup

Hot on the heels of the Ostap Hel-designed Strelit, Bestech is rolling out a tiny new in-house design called the Lizard. The Lizard manages to slip into the small EDC knife category and hit a budget price point while showcasing a unique look and packing a little beef into its compact frame.

If there is a precedent for the Lizard in the Bestech lineup, it comes from the Goblin. That was one of the very first Bestech knives to get some attention in the community, and the Lizard takes a few cues from that standby in both its blade and handle design.

Looking purely at the cutting edge, we see a wharncliffe-esque blade akin to that on the Goblin, albeit a bit longer here on the Lizard at 2.4 inches. But the similarity is strictly in terms of the cutting edge; moving onto the profile as a whole the Lizard is an entirely different beast. It has a wild harpoon tip with a big, dished out swedge; a dip in the spine corresponds to the finger choil beneath and provides a place for the thumb to rest. The Lizard opens with either a flipper tab, or a recessed thumb hole in the blade itself. The following won’t come as a shock to anybody following the budget knife market these days, but the Lizard’s blade is made from D2 steel.

The Lizard’s blade profile is striking

Bestech kept things simple and compact with the handle. It has a humped profile, narrow beneath the pivot and wider at the back end – again, reminsicent of the Goblin. This is a tiny knife, little over 6 inches in overall length; the G-10 scales are laid over steel liners, and come in multiple colors. The the standard loop over pocket clip and liner lock are also presented and accounted for. One interesting aspect of the Lizard is that, despite its relatively diminutive form, it’s a hefty little beast, weighing 4.06 oz.

The end of April has been a busy time for Bestech. The Lizard was revealed almost simultaneously alongside the Strelit, third knife in Ostap Hel’s Bouquet series. While that release came decked out with premium materials and a corresponding price tag, the Lizard is a budget knife, and will be hitting shelves with an MSRP of $65. It is expected to be available early May.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Lizard