The Nuggy Multitool for Pot Smokers in High Demand

Fisherman, car mechanics, motorcyclists, and mountain climbers all can buy multitools that cater to their particular needs. With the introduction of a green, egg shaped multitool, weed smokers are getting the same specialized treatment. The Nuggy, billed as the Original Cannabis Multitool, is designed to give enthusiasts everything they need for smoking in one convenient package.

The Nuggy houses ten different tools. Scissors and flathead screwdriver/bottle openers also make appearances on common multitools and Swiss Army Knives. The rest of the implements, on the other hand are decidedly more specialized and you probably won’t find them on anything rolling out the doors of Leatherman or Victorinox any time soon. Instead of the usual suspects like pliers, a nail file, or a saw, the Nuggy packs a mini spoon, a pick, a roach clip, a scraper, and a tamper into its palm-sized frame. Got the munchies? The Nuggy also includes a 1-inch knife to make it easy to get into that bag of Doritos.

All of these tools are deployed via small hooks, as seen on more mainstream designs like the Leatherman Juice S2. And just like a Victorinox Swiss Army Midnite MiniChamp, the Nuggy houses a tiny LED flashlight built into its 8 oz. chassis.

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NugTools plans on releasing two more multitools in 2017. In the mean time, if you’re looking for a pot smoker-centric multitool there’s only one game in town. The Nuggy is available through the NugTools website, as well as at smoke shops across the country.

Knife featured in image: Nuggy Multitool

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