Todd Begg Settles Suit with Todd Begg Knives Trademark Holder

Knife maker Todd Begg and Pride In Making Products (PIMP) LLC., the company behind Begg Knives, have amicably settled their lawsuit out of court. The settlement marks the end of a case that began more than a year ago.

The chief result being that now Begg will continue using the name ‘Todd Begg Knives’ to denote his personal custom work, and the shop run by Mark Skaggs, Begg’s brother, and Mattia Borrani, which has been called ‘Todd Begg Knives’ in the past and is responsible for both custom and production knives (including the Steelcraft line), will be known as ‘Begg Knives.’

In 2017 Begg, who helped to co-found PIMP five years earlier alongside partners Borrani and Skaggs, alleged that he was denied expected payments and prevented from retrieving $200,000 worth of knife making equipment following his move to Dallas, Texas. Another issue revolved around the use of the brand name ‘Todd Begg Knives,’ which had been trademarked by PIMP in 2015 but allegedly only for use in certain circumstances. The original filing stated that “While Plaintiff [Begg] participated in the Company, Plaintiff allowed the Defendants to operate under the fictitious business name ‘Todd Begg Knives’ solely so that Plaintiff could maintain control over the use of his name and the quality of the products sold by the Company.” Fans and followers of Begg the custom maker, or the custom and production knife company owned by PIMP and responsible for the Steelcraft series among other things, are familiar with the confusion between these two separate entities.

Mediation had been sought for the case as early as August 2017, but evidently without success at that time.

Knife in Featured image: Begg Knives Steelcraft Glimpse