Todd Knife and Tool’s Latest Blade Arrives with Bestech

There’s a fresh flipper from Todd Knife and Tool on the way from Bestech, called the Syntax. The Syntax adheres to smaller EDC dimensions than any previous TKT collab, but it keeps the hallmark TKT industrial look.

Despite its relative youth as a shop, Todd Knife and Tool has been turning out a consistent stream of collaborations, establishing itself as a unique voice in the knife community. Looking across their previous collaborations – the Roxi series with We Knife Co., the Malware and Exploit with Bestech – the first thing that stands out on the Syntax is its size, or lack thereof. All other TKT collabs have had blade lengths north of 3 inches, but the Syntax’s cutting edge is just 2.84 inches long. That’s a perfectly adequate, for many even preferable, length for EDC, giving up little in terms of cutting capability while saving on overall size and weight (the Syntax weighs 2.96 oz.).

The liner lock means that the Syntax favors righties, but the clip can be reversed.

To go along with the fresh size class, TKT broke away from their usual wharncliffe blades for something a little different: a slim reverse tanto-style blade. Opened with a flipper, the Syntax’s blade not only stands out visually, but still manages to have an edge geometry that gives users all the expected things, with a nice gentle curve moving out to a sturdy piercing tip. 14C28N fall right in line with all these everyday carry qualities, keeping the price affordable (around $65) while delivering adequate edge retention and more than enough stain resistance for general cutting.

Compared to its compeers, the Syntax’s handle is slimmer, more subdued, essentially just a rod-like shape with little to no ergonomic landmarks, allowing the user to hold it however they’d like. The scales come in G-10 and Micarta flavors, and the three milled holes, a TKT signature, are present and accounted for just below the custom pivot hardware. There’s a liner lock beneath the off-side scale, so there’s an element of handedness to the Syntax – although its deep carry pocket clip is reversible to the other side.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Syntax